Welcome to our Swimming Programs for Competitive Swimmers page.

competitive swimmingThis page gives you real, practical, tried and proven training sets and sessions.

Each program features training sets for you to try and use in your own program.

The programs on this page are written for competitive swimmers who are training in a swim squad environment.

For beginner swimmers, swimmers who swim for general health and fitness, triathletes and Masters swimmers, please check out our Swimming Programs for Every Swimmer page.

Programs on this page are written using the Moregold P.A.C.E. system of managing training intensity levels and also incorporate the Engagement Factor to better integrate body and mind in the training and preparation process.

We hope you enjoy them.

Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think of the workouts and how they can be improved.

Wayne Goldsmith


Our Free Training Programs. Enjoy!

Swim Program 1: Speed Development