W.G. Aquatics Swim Camps.

We offer a unique service in world swimming.

We design, develop and deliver enjoyable, exciting, engaging and entertaining swimming camps and clinics in your pool.

That’s right!

We bring the best and the latest ideas, innovations and inspirations to you.

Using our unique “Swim Camp Designer” – you tell us what you’d like to see in your swim camp…technique work, skills and drills, mental skills training, speed development, strength training, parent education, coach education, recovery and sleep education, nutrition education…whatever it is – and we’ll design a swim camp program just for you to meet your specific needs.

So why do we believe our swim camp program the best in the business?

Because we come to you – and we work with the swimmers, coaches and parents in your own pool – in your own program – we can impact on every aspect of your team.

Sending a few swimmers to camp might be a good idea.

But have EVERY swimmer – EVERY coach and EVERY parent all involved in a world-class swim camp experience in your own pool means that everyone in the Club benefits – and – everyone learns and improves.

We believe that our unique approach has a powerful and permanent impact on the culture and environment of your program – because everyone is involved in the learning and improvement process.

Talk to us now about how we can design, develop and deliver the most special swimming camp experience imaginable – and what’s even better – you don’t have to go anywhere to experience it.