Triathlon – there’s nothing like it…….


  1. Consistently out-prepare your opposition in every aspect.
  2. Make training more challenging and more demanding that the competition you are preparing for.
  3. Take ownership and responsibility for every aspect of your planning, preparation and performance. Do it yourself. Do it perfectly. Do it first. Do it now.
  4. Lead. The greatest athletes in the world do things differently and do different things. They are unique. They dare to be different and in doing so become the greatest.
  5. The limiting factor in preparation is your capacity to recover – focus on rest and recovery as much as you focus on training.
  6. Be honest with yourself, your coach and your performance. From honesty comes a real understanding of what and how you need to improve.
  7. Aim to improve 1 centimetre every time you train. The cumulative impact of improving 1 centimetre every time you train makes you unstoppable.
  8. Mental skills are as important as physical skills. Work on them every session – every day.
  9. It’s all about performance under pressure – learn to thrive – not just survive – when it really matters.
  10. Winning is what it’s all about. Don’t be afraid to talk about it and to chase it with everything you have.


If it was easy to be great…everyone would be. Greatness means having the courage, the commitment and the confidence to do whatever it takes to be the best. Greatness is not for everyone, but for those special few, greatness means experiencing moments of excellence and exhilaration that few people ever dream of. Dare to be different: Greatness is a choice: make it.

Wayne Goldsmith has an extensive background working with Triathletes of all ages and levels of ability.

He has worked with some of Australia’s leading triathletes and coaches and was the Performance Manager for the Australian Triathlon Team at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

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