Trying with Triathletes: Coaching Triathletes in a Swimming Squad.

The sport of Triathlon has been around now for about 30 years and the sport has evolved from being a “bucket-list” activity (i.e. something people did as a once in a lifetime physical challenge) to a highly sophisticated, internationally competitive Olympic sport.

Whereas once, Triathletes could have been considered “jack of all trades” endurance sport generalists, […]

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Pregnancy And Swimming

This post was written with my wife, former elite swimmer, coach, teacher and mother of four Helen Morris who continues to amaze me every day.

So you’re pregnant. Congratulations!

That’s no reason to stop exercising!

Pregnancy and Swimming: some simple, practical advice from an experienced mother and swimmer.

Safety first!

OK – before we go too far into this post, […]

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The Top Ten Technique Tips for Every Swimmer

1. Effective propulsive movements in swimming go from SLOW to FAST.
In swimming, effective propulsive movements are SLOW to FAST.
In Fly, you reach long, feel the water, catch then accelerate through the stroke to recovery. Same in back. Same in breast (arms and legs). Same in free.
It starts with an effective feel on entry and a strong […]

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A.T. – does it stand for Anaerobic Threshold or A Total Waste of Time?

A.T. – what does it stand for?
Anaerobic Threshold? Yep – for senior athletes, elite swimmers, swimmers 13 years of age and older – absolutely.
For swimmers 12 and under what does A.T. stand for? A Total waste of time.
We’ve all heard the old swimming cliches about kids and training:
“You’ve got to get the miles into the […]

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Message to Swimming – you still don’t get it!

Six years ago I wrote an article called “Changing Times” about the Sport of Swimming and the challenges it faced all over the world.

You can find the full article at numerous sites (or just email me for a copy).
In short, I challenged the swimming community to work together, to strive to create new, exciting, interesting […]

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